Discipleship Course Content

The course I present has 5 sets of videos. They are Bible based, foundational in Discipleship producing Christ Likeness. Discipleship is a voluntary process that requires time and commitment, it is not a singular event like being Saved. The material systematically builds Biblical Foundations and gives the disciple the required tools to be properly and truly discipled.

The material is foundational for every person wanting to walk with God. It is clear and Bible based. It does not promote any church or denomination. I trust you will find favour and value as you work through the videos.

The Fall and it's Consequences

(9 Videos - 4.5 Hours)

Set one covers the Fall and its Consequence. Tools to help every person understand the Cost of Discipleship and to have a proper understanding of our need for Discipleship. There are tools that help in reading the Bible and Prayer. It introduces the disciple to understanding God and the principal of First Fruit.

The Trinity

(6 Videos - 5.5 Hours)

Set two gives the disciple a clear understanding of the Trinity and of each Person of the Trinity and their rolls in the Godhead. We understand how to overcome the Devil and receive tools for spiritual growth. We are introduced to the understanding of the Blood of Jesus.

The Blood

(12 Videos - 7.5 Hours)

Set three discusses the Blood of Jesus and its vital value to the Disciple. There are 12 actions of the Blood and each action is discussed to ensure clear understanding. At the end of the set the disciple will have a very powerful tool against sin and the flesh as well as a very powerful tool to ensure growth in Christ Likeness.

Journey of Salvation

(13 Videos - 5 Hours)

Set 4 Discusses from being Born Again through Working out Salvation to being Part of Gods Family and how to benefit from it. The disciple will understand the Formation of Christ Within. This set of videos provides tools and clear understanding for spiritual growth. It clarifies some misunderstandings that are common amongst Christians. Resistance to the Worship of God is dealt with.


(10 Videos - 4.5 Hours)

Set five Discusses more foundational principals that we require to become Christ Like, The disciple will receive clarity on God's desire for his life and ministry.